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Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design – why we should be using advances in photography and photo alteration to enhance planning and communication with both patient and dental laboratory

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a functional and excellent way to help to improve the aesthetics of a patients smile. DSD allows for careful analysis of the patient’s dental features along with any factors that may have been missed or overlooked during other evaluation procedures. DSD is designed to be an effective communication tool between the dental team, the dental laboratory and the patients. It allows for a precise representation of the expected result of intended treatment. Phases of each patient’s treatment can be organised into a sequence of images, videos, graphics and drawings. At any point, your dentist can access the slides to track and analyse the treatment process. The digital drawing tools allows your dentist to compare pre and post treatment photos which will help determine whether the treatment was successful. DSD is extremely educational for patients as the photo library allows access to previous before and after photos which may help to understand and visualise the possible outcome of their treatment.

For more information regarding DSD, please feel free to speak to Dr. Gregory Yap or Dr. Matthew Yoon at Riseley Street Dental for a one on one consultation.