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Myaree Dentist

Myaree Dentist

Riseley Street Dental Care is situated at the regional Centre of Riseley and provides several dental services offering care to Booragoon, as well as its nearby suburbs such as Garden City, Alfred Cove, Melville, and Applecross. Observing dental hygiene and going for check-ups on regular basis – usually every 6 months is important in preventing gum diseases and tooth decay. Brushing your teeth two times a day by itself is not enough because hard calcium deposits which harbor bacteria build up over time and having cleaning by a professional every 6 months will ensure that you have a fresh breath which restores confidence.

Our main aim at Riseley Street Dental is preventing fatal diseases to enable our clients to ensure they have clean and healthy teeth for many years. We encourage our patients to practice preventive mechanisms and if you are in need of family or children's dentistry, general dental, teeth whitening or any other complex dental implant procedure, Dr. Gregory Yap has the exposure and skills to help you.
We are at 178 Riseley Street, in Booragoon. This is the side of Riseley Street opposite Garden City Shopping Centre, accessible as you head south towards Leach Highway. Dr. Gregory Yap has amassed great experience being in operation for over 20 years at Riseley Street Dental offering quality services across Booragoon and its surrounding. This is why we are preferred in offering disability services and home nursing.
At Riseley Street Dental clinic, we provide support to our clients and suitable approach to dental treatment aimed at easing the stress commonly faced by the clients. We make use of the most recent technology to evaluate your oral health and schedule a remedy that favors your interests; regardless of your detailed problems, we have all the resources to help you. It is disturbing that a good number of people delay their dental visits resulting in unnecessary suffering due to dental pain and other expenses when observing regular visits helps to maintain your dental health in good condition.

If you are a Myaree resident, call us at, Riseley Street Dental on (08) 9316 2304 now to arrange for an appointment, or email us at reception@riseleystreetdental.com.au.