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Oral Health Consultation


Comprehensive Consultations

Your first appointment is extremely important to us as we learn about you and any concerns you may have.

We value complete examinations, sometimes with photographs X-Rays or scans, in providing the information we need to have a discussion about your case. From there, we can tailor our care according to your individual wants and needs.


Digital Imaging

First, we take digital radiographs or photographs of your teeth.

Professional Consultation

We will discuss your primary issues and your wishes concerning your teeth.

Dental Examination

This is followed by a professional examination of the teeth and gums.

Complete Treatment Plan

We devise a complete treatment plan for restoring your healthy smile.

Dentist who care about you

Our model of dental care revolves around putting the patient’s concerns and issues first and foremost. We are dedicated to providing highly personalised and gentle care.


    Fill out the form and we will contact you during our working hours. Urgent dental care will be provided usually the same day.