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Riseley Street Clinicians

Meet our professional Clinicians right here at Riseley Street Dental

Dr. Gregory Yap

Greg was born in Sydney, Australia, but spent most of his earlier years moving around Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines due to his father’s work. His family eventually settled down in Perth in the late 90’s, and Greg proceeded to graduate from Christ Church Grammar School and subsequently complete his Bachelor of Dental Science at the University of Western Australia in 2010. Since graduation, Greg has been very interested in the area of restorative Dentistry, and enjoys keeping up with the changes to materials, techniques, technology and software in modern dental practice. He also likes the variety that comes with general dentistry, and continues to attend seminars and courses to advance his learning and experience in every field. Greg places great importance on being able to communicate with his patients, and also being upfront and honest about any information that is being discussed. Outside of dentistry, Greg enjoys keeping active with sports such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, tennis and basketball, and is a fan of being an early tech adopter - just ask him about Kickstarter projects!

Dr. Matthew Yoon

Matt is a fully registered Dental practitioner, and is a member of the Australian Dental Association. Being born and raised in Perth, Matt obtained his degree in Dentistry from the University of Western Australia in 2012. After gaining experience in various locations such as Kalgoorlie, Bunbury and Sydney, he is delighted to finally be back home in Perth. Matt is well known amongst his colleagues as a perfectionist when it comes to his dentistry, and is passionate about producing work that will not only impress his patients, but also the dentists who may see them in the future. He enjoys all aspects of general dentistry, but his greatest strengths lie in gentle impacted wisdom tooth removal, aesthetic composite restorations and dental crowns thanks to a wealth of training and experience. He is also highly trained in dental implant surgery and uses the latest computer aided planning techniques and painless key-hole surgery to deliver optimal outcomes. Aside from dentistry, he loves catching up with his friends, playing sport and of course relaxing at home with some Netflix. He has recently fallen in love with golf, and spends a good part of his spare time being terrible at the driving range.

Dr. Eunice Lee

Eunice was born in Singapore, but commenced primary school education in Perth and has lived here ever since. She attended the prestigious Rossmoyne Senior High School and subsequently graduated from the University of Western Australia, studying Pharmacology and Finance before graduating with a Doctor of Dental Medicine with distinction. With experience in areas of the public sector including Nedlands, Warick, Mt. Henry and Bunbury, Eunice brings an extremely well-rounded skillset and science-based decision making to her work. She enjoys prosthodontics and restorative dentistry, oral medicine and the ever-important field of preventive dentistry. In her free time, Eunice enjoys sports such as tennis, volleyball and badminton, and takes an interest trying to learn about all things related to cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Grace O'Connell

Dental Hygienist
Grace was born in Adelaide and spent most of her high school life in Perth. She also spent a few years living in Kuala Lumpur for her father's work. After graduating from Curtin University’s Dental Hygiene course in 2010 and working for a few years in Perth, Grace decided to move to London and work as a locum Dental Hygienist. This gave her broad exposure to a variety of dental practices, and the fantastic opportunity to treat a varied range of dental conditions and diseases. Whilst in London she attended numerous dental courses and conferences as she continually honed her craft. Grace has a strong passion for dental prevention and believes it is the most important aspect of all dentistry - to prevent disease before it starts. She loves how this involves spending time educating patients and directly addressing their dental questions and concerns. Grace prides herself in her work and takes true joy in seeing her patients improve in both their understanding and their overall dental health. In her spare time, Grace enjoys going out with her family and friends to new cafes and restaurants. Grace and her husband have renovated their house recently, and she has now spent so much time painting that she actually enjoys it!

Hannah Omori

Dental Hygienist
Hannah was born and raised in Perth, attending Applecross Senior High School and eventually studying at and graduating from Curtin University. As a high achiever from a very young age, Hannah excelled in both the academic and practical aspects of her studies and found an immediate affinity for her profession upon graduation. She takes great joy in having the privilege of educating her patients with respect to their periodontal health and home hygiene habits, and empowering them to improve their own oral health and long-term satisfaction with their teeth. Hannah also loves the technical aspect of her job, with extensive experience in the fields of periodontics, paedodontics, orthodontics and restorative dentistry. Outside of the dental clinic, Hannah’s interests include travelling (when possible), powerlifting, hitting the driving range and catching up with friends.